“Cynthia’s Trading Systems are trade-by-color, with supporting
color-coded indicators. Trades are indicated by volatility-based
indicators that are color-coded, to make trading simple and fun,
yet powerful. Trading the major pairs in the London or New York
session makes for lots of easy pips!”

Cynthia of Day Trade Forex has released a new color coded trading system called

The Color Ribbon Surfing System!  Have you seen this yet?  It’s really cool!

Like her other color coded trading systems, this one makes trading easy, fearless and profitable…it’s color-coded, so you can see at a glance what to do…and the rules are few and simple.

One of the main things is that you’ll learn how to trade between major and minor key levels, like the banks trade…so you always know ahead of time what your target is.  And the template has an indicator that automatically plots the key levels on your chart in any time frame.

The Advanced version includes a Fibonacci Retracement tool that shows you when a pair is in a retracement; the EasyOrder for one click trade/stop/take profit order placement; Cynthia’s own Trade Manager; her super popular indicator that gives a white X on the chart when the pair is in consolidation; and a Forex Factory Calendar Headlines indicator, that alerts you 5 min before upcoming news releases so you’ll never be caught surprised!

Here’s a short intro video for the Advanced version of Cynthia’s new Color Ribbon Surfing System:

Even though this is not a news trading or scalping system, you can trade the news, scalp, day trade or swing trade with any pair.

Just adjust your time frame to suit your trading strategy, the indicators and Trade Manager works great…your trade entries and exits are best in the 5 min up to 4 hour charts.

Be one of the hundreds of smart traders that quickly snatched up this new trading system:

The Breakout Simple System:

(best for trading in 15 min – 4 hour charts)

Here’s a short intro video for the new Xtra Advanced version of the Breakout Simple System:

The Xtra Advanced includes all the features of the Basic & Advanced system plus all the new Xtra features including the iTrend popup alert and the Trade Manager and EasyOrder.

“Cynthia’s manual trading systems are based on color-coded indicators
that make it easy on the brain to make trading decisions. Simple yet
powerful, at a glance you’ll know what to do!”



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