Cynthia learned how to trade stock options in the late 90’s by going to expensive weekend seminars….online training and trading courses were not available then.  Software for trading was a very new thing and there was no retail forex trading at that time.

In 2002, Cynthia purchased a new forex trading course, the first of it’s kind available online…and became partners with the author.  Together they created a new forex training online course and it dominated the forex online market for several years, before forex trading became really popular….the MT4 trading platform hadn’t been invented yet!

Cynthia went on to create several forex trading systems and in 2010 created her first “color coded” MT4 trading system.

Being able to trade professionally, she has resided on the beach south of Cancun, Mexico, with her husband, dog, cat, and 13 hens, for the last eight years.

Her passions include anything related to the ocean:  swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and body surfing.

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