Cynthia’s trading systems are written for the MT4 trading platform,
and are color coordinated and easy to use.

The Breakout Simple System

This trading system is very popular and features some very successful
trading tools in the new Xtra Advanced version.

This system uses indicators based on color, support and resistance and volatility.  A special volatility window gives you buy and sell triggers based on the force of the price action.

The template is color coded with all the indicators…none of the indicators are lagging! Entries and exits are easy to spot just with color changes!

This is NOT a news trading system, although you can trade news events with it, all you need is a strong trend!  It is a trend trading system based on color and volatility only!

The Breakout Simple System is very popular and evergreen…it will keep selling as long as you keep promoting it…and you’ll LOVE the instant PayPal sales commissions!

Affiliates get paid instantly & directly into their own PayPal for 100% of every other sale (1st sale goes to vendor).

Your affiliate link has a 90 cookie and you get commissions for both the front end and back end sale!

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