Finally! a Simple Breakout System!


The Easy Forex Breakout Trend Trading
Simple System

Using a color coordinated chart setup to trade with, trading is now fun and easy!

A Suite of Indicators that confirm each other and keep you out of a flat market….No Fear Trading!

The Easy Forex Breakout Trend Trading Simple System

is a very simple manual system that uses indicators based on color and a special volatility window that gives you buy and sell triggers based on the force of the price action.

It works on all time frames and performs extremely well with very few whipsaw trades.

You’ll be entering new trades based on two volatility indicators

Here’s a short intro video of trading the Breakout Simple System:


Trades based on color and volatility are easy and successful!

You only need to catch one of these trades each day to earn a nice living!

We all know that trading 1 standard lot for only 20 pips a day will get you $50,000 per year!  Anyone can do this!!!  This trading system makes it easy!

    • Spend 10 minutes or 1-2 hours trading when YOU want to trade

    • Possible 5-10% each trading session

    • Exact entries and exits easily spotted

    • Special supporting indicators for strength of trend

    • The template is already loaded with all the indicators you need!

    • You get a suite of indicators that are color-coordinated to make entries and exits easy

    • One indicator setup I invented to keep you out of ranging areas

    • Use one chart for simplicity or multiple charts for more profits

    • I show you how to set up a profile with 3 pairs in 3 time frames with videos to watch to learn how to trade out of the profile

    • Easy 2 minute download using a one-click auto installer

Now trading can be fun! 

I’ve removed the “seriousness” from trading!

Here’s a short intro video for the new Xtra Advanced version of the Breakout Simple System:

The Xtra Advanced includes all the features of the Basic & Advanced system plus all the new Xtra features including the iTrend popup alert and the Trade Manager and EasyOrder.

“Cynthia’s manual trading systems are based on color-coded indicators
that make it easy on the brain to make trading decisions. Simple yet
powerful, at a glance you’ll know what to do!”

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Discover the secrets of

Simple System Trading!  

Claim your Suite of Simple System Indicators TODAY!

Here’s a real unsolicited testimonial on file:

“Hello Cynthia,

Oh my but is this a wonderful system. Yes, I downloaded the system Sunday and started trading Monday. I have made right at $500 already in two days trading with 1 lot/ trade. This is such a simple system to use and your video instructions are wonderful. Everything you said about the system is right on the money. This is so much fun to use now that I can see exactly when to get in and when to get out. I am doing what you said by looking at the longer time frame charts to determine the trend and then going down to the shorter time frame to get a entry point and exit. Your velocity meter is spectacular. I have tried using most everything you recommend and been so pleased with it all.

I had been using demo accounts for about 1 1/2 years with little or no success. Then I ran into your web site and tried what you recommended and wow, I started making money on my demo account. When I went to the live account, same thing, I made money. I always knew there was money to be made in Forex, but now it is not a dream but reality. All I can say is thank you SO MUCH. It is like I found the picture of the 5000 piece Forex jig saw puzzle you describe and now I can put it together. “….Mark A.

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